Chloe, Age 13, Atwater, CA

“Dong….!” The tenth chime echoed through the grand halls and numerous rooms of the giant house, before silence once again returned. “Goodnight Mom! Goodnight Dad!” A tall ten year-old girl with shoulder-length golden hair and sparkling sapphire eyes skipped around the corner of a hall leading to a large moonlit room, filled to every last corner, top to bottom with books, all except for one wall, which was entirely made of three large windows, extending from the floor to the domed roof. Tall ladders rolled around on steel tracks attached to the tops of the selves. The girl’s father sat in a leather arm chair, his nose stuck in a book entitled “The Pit and the Pendulum” by Edger Allan Poe.  “Goodnight Kaley!” was his muffled reply.  Kaley entered her sky-blue room, jumped under her white satin covers and was soon asleep.

“Dong….!” An eleventh chime rang through the house, and one by one the manor’s lights blinked off. All was quiet. Suddenly, the gray clouds parted, revealing a veil of sparkling diamonds in the dark indigo sky. An orange moon glowed. Orange moons aren’t common, and what a coincidence this rare event should occur on the third night of the full moon, Friday, October 31, 1885.

The cracked, parched earth shone in the moon’s eerie, fluorescent orange light. Though many generations had tried, no one had ever gotten anything to grow on that barren, god-forsaken landscape. But, just beyond the looming, gothic, black, arrow-topped rod-iron fence, there was green. A luscious meadow flourished, filled with vibrant wildflowers. Tonight, however, the brilliant blues, violets, oranges, and yellows, dulled. The orange moon flashed, covering the world momentarily in a blinding flare of diamond white light.  A wailing moan grew, and, in an instant, it was gone.

“Dong….!” A chime rang through the gothic manor house and its grounds. The cracks in the ground seemed to enlarge, and

“Dong….!” From deep within the manor, two deep sapphire eyes opened, and then clouded over.

“Dong….!” the earth stopped squirming, and instead began to tremble, and a loud roaring went up, like a giant Super Volcano was about to erupt. The trees were like great hands, reaching out their gnarled fingers to grab anything that came by.

“Dong….!” The ten year-old girl slowly rose out from her bed and walked out into the hall, past the library and her parents room, her white satin gown fluttering in some unknown breeze, touching nothing else. She stepped slowly onto the first step.

“Dong….!” more cracks appeared in the earth as the others grew wider and wider.

“Dong….!” Kaley stepped onto the second floor, and made her way toward the stairs that led onto the first floor. She past the dinning room, the kitchen, and the maids’ quarters, and walked, spellbound, down the next set of stairs.

“Dong…!” gnarled, skeleton-like claws reached out of the ground as a large, gray shaggy beast emerged. But it was not alone. More and more of the monsters appeared, their glowing emerald eyes flashing dangerously as they awaited their prey.

“Dong…!” her eyes glazed over, Kaley walked off the last step and strode, past the giant, maple-finished clock, and reached for the door handle. With sloth-like slowness, she turned the door knob and went out side. More than a hundred of the large, gray, two-legged creatures stood before her, but she seemed not to notice.

“Dong…!” Kaley blinked, and once again her eyes were clear sapphire. She stared for a moment at the fearsome apparition before her. She screamed! She whirled around and yanked at the door handle, but it would not budge. The creatures howled with pleasure. Their prey was trapped, and it wouldn’t get away.

“Dong…!” Kaley turned again, her blue eyes franticly searching for an escape, but there was none. She fell onto her knees. With a wild roar, the man-wolves attacked!

“Dong….! A loud cry echoed through the grounds.


“Kaley! Get up! Time for breakfast!” Kaley’s mom knocked on her daughter’s door. “Hello? Kaley are you there?”  She flung open the door…

“William! She’s gone! She’s not there!”

Kaley’s father jumped up from the table, “Gone?! What do you mean gone?!”

They rushed down stairs and opened the front door. The rising sun’s rays reflected off a small object lying on the porch. William knelt down. “It’s Kaley’s bracelet! She never goes anywhere without it! Karla?”

Kaley’s mom stood rigid, staring, horrified, at something on the front step. William looked and gasped. Blood.

To this day, no one knows what became of Kaley, or to those whose fate was similar. No one, except for those who where there, on the third night of an orange full moon, on October 31, at Midnight.

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