Jae Hee, Age 10, Warsaw, Poland

Have you ever wanted to get a special person a special thing? I did. The special person I want to give a special thing to is Ms. P, my 4th grade teacher. She accepted every little thing I gave her before, very gratefully. I want to thank her for being so nice even though the gifts were useless. If I had unlimited time and money, this is how I would thank her.

As I already told you, my favorite teacher accepted every little thing I gave her, from a letter to a fan and from a drawing to a pair of socks. She took them all with a great pleasure. She was really nice about them even if she didn’t like them. Sometimes she was so nice I wished I could fly up to heaven with her. Since she really doesn’t need to I wanted to get her another thing.

If there is anything Ms. P loves it is to play her guitar. Since I know that, I want to get her a fancy guitar with happy faces for decoration. It will be bright yellow like blooming flowers. The happy faces will be so smiley so that the gloomiest people in the world would start to smile. I would also buy her the best amp in the country, one which can make a sound clear as a canary’s voice.

I also will get her a band called ‘The Pineys’.  It will be called that because the band members' names will start with each letter of the band name. Ms. P will play the guitar; I will play the cello, Nick will play the saxophone, Evan will play the percussion part, and Yon will sing with Sam. But Ms. P will be the star.

I will mail myself to Ms. P’s address. I’ll label the box ‘Top Surprise’. When she opens the box, I’ll jump out and shout ‘Surprise!’ holding out her amp and her guitar. Then the band will come in and also shout ‘Surprise!’ Then everyone will have a party.

This would be my imaginary present. Sometimes the best gifts are ones from heart. Sometimes gifts from hearts are a whole lot more special than money. I know that whether I get Ms. P a gift from heart or gift from money, she will always be grateful of it.

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