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Elizabeth Quan. Once Upon A Full Moon
Tundra Books $24.99 ISBN 978-0-88776-813-2 48 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Though we were in another world and time, the full moon shone above.

The New World is not where the Lee King’s family belongs. Even though they are well off and are doing perfectly fine in the foreign world…their father longs to return to his home in traditional China. It is far away, and takes much effort and time to reach it.

The lovely portraits of oriental life and family life are captured perfectly in Quan’s watercolours. The words are smooth and they are equivalent to the amazing pictures alongside them. The nature and city illustrations were my favourites in particular, with the bright colours and natural hues. I enjoyed the way this book was written and the point of view it was in. Elizabeth Quan did an excellent job at expressing the emotions and activities of the Chinese culture.

The cover, as well as the backside of the book, catches the reader’s eyes immediately. The onset of a blushing sunset and contrasting ocean shades below … pure euphoria. The characters inside are like your every day 1920’s family. There are a lot of kids and they all seem so real, reaching out over the boat’s handrails or smearing strawberry jelly over their faces with tiny hands.

I would recommend this book for people ten years old and up. This historical look brings a true story into full colour. A perfect bedtime story.

I give Once Upon A Full Moon five lively stars.


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