Sarah's Stars

Raquel Rivera. Orphan Ahwak
Orca Book Publishers  $8.95  ISBN 978-1-55143-653-1  137 pg.
Reviewed by Tianna, Age 11

"Touch me again," Aneze screeched from her tree branch, "and Iíll take out your other eye! I will!"

More laughter from below, except from One-Eye. For the first time he looked at her. He really saw her. There it was-she could see it. He finally recognized who she was.

"You know I can do it!" she threatened.

Like a flash, he was up that tree. Murder was on his face. His companions below egged him on.

This is an absolutely wonderful book! The main character, Aneze, now alone, with nobody to take care of her, must face the dangers of the world.
The enemies kill Anezeís family. Only little Aneze survives, and with a bad wrist, she sets out to find her mother, who was taken captive by the wife stealers. However, she soon finds her mother dead. With a hollow hole inside her, she changes routes and starts her big adventure. She has to learn how to survive on her own, this girl who doesnít know how to hunt, fish, and survive the weather or how to avoid her enemies. She has to find the hunter in her. She calls herself Ahwak because she thinks itís a good hunterís name.

I enjoyed the book for its native history, amazing story, characters, detail, excitement and more! I think this book is appropriate for ages 11 and older because it has a lot of violent detail.

Tianna gives Orphan Ahwak 5 detailed stars.


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