Unidentified Spy
Dona, Age 12, Abbotsford, BC

I was an agent. A town SPY. Well, more specifically, a small village spy of 8 years old. So much for the drama. I was an agent; no matter what. But without a partner, a spy was nothing at all. Batman had Robin, Superman had Batman, and so on.

I found my perfect side kick, Joyce. We were trusty partners, walking on a cold misty night. We crept up and down squinting at each person wondering why they were there and how they came. That’s when I really thought of business. Money making business. My greedy little fingers told me I had to do it; nothing could stop me.

As I whispered to Joyce, my spy buddy, she nodded her head down in agreement. My spy gear was ready: binoculars, secret spy book of tips and knowledge, Jigsaw series, tight clothes, and of course, disguises. I spent the whole night scanning and printing things out such as phoning our home phone, fax, and our home address. Why? It was for advertisement! I know it may sound dangerous but who cares?! This is how spies live.

We were perfect spies in gear and since I was the head spy, the better! Every time I wondered, what would Jigsaw Jones do when he’s in trouble? What would Sherlock Holmes do? There was no point thinking, we had to get to business. We spent the next whole day giving out the catalogs that we printed. I knew we were going to succeed. If we didn’t succeed, we should still get some dough. Being a spy gives you good character.

Sly, sneaky, mysterious.

After two months: no phone calls. After three months: no phone calls. We fell from the sky to the ground. Our business was flying downwards. If we had an investment bank, it would’ve dropped down to zero. It was like death in some ways. My eyes were all over the phone desperate for phone calls for our business.

It rang for the first few minutes and I was so eager to get it. My eyes were probably popping out when the call came. I answered it saying things like, this is Joyce and Dona’s agency, how may I help you, etc. (When I said my final words eyes popping out, Joyce by my side all giddy but we only got replies of "may I see your mother".) I wasn’t able to get this in my way. Seriously, I spent 1 day printing everything. 1 day to get prepared! I was flawless!

But my luck changed. Somebody stole Joyce’s helmet and I had search to for it. You know how happy I was? I got my super sleuth gear ready and raced down the street with Joyce trailing behind as my sidekick. My steps echoed. I knew I could find it! I just knew. It had to be a fact! I huffed and puffed, smiling trying to find a suspect or a witness but nobody seemed to be anywhere around us. Only the breaths of Joyce and me lead behind. This is my future.

I crossed my stubby fingers and wished myself luck that I was hoping to find. Truth be told, I barely searched for it. I only searched for about a week but there were no clues, no witness, no nothing! I just sat in my house thinking of random suspects, but it did not fit with any of Joyce’s clues or mine. but soon after wards, I didn’t find it. Well sort of. I did buy her one for a present though!

Not exactly the same, but a helmet is a helmet.

And that is totally not a failure.

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