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Jasmine Oliver. Project Fashion: Armani Angels
Simon Pulse  $10.99  ISBN 978-1-4169-3811-8  172 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsay, Age 15

“Jesus, Travis, I'm so friggin' angry!”

He took note of the flushed cheeks and the spark in her eyes. “Watch out, she's going to bust!”

“I'm not joking. It's Marina and Sinead. You should hear what they just said!”

BANG! The explosion of Frankie's anger lit up the corner of Travis's darkened brain. “Sinead?”

“Yeah, your ex- girlfriend and my ex-best mate!”

Travis frowned “Did you three have a fight?”

“Big style. I won't go into the painful details, apart from that she and Marina just bad-mouthed Wim and expected me to say thank you!”

Frankie, Sinead, and Marina are all first year college students, each pursuing a career within the fashion industry. The three musketeers are busy living it up in the big city, parties almost every night; careers, men, and projects are filling up their lives. Things seem generally easy, until a certain relationship is ended and things become a little slippery. Frankie has met a very handsome young man who not only juggles, but also takes her breath away. And although she is certain of his fabulous personality, Sinead and Marina aren't so sure. New adventures and acquaintances will test the girls’ friendship, loyalty, and trust.

Armani Angels is a cute, girly, fun read and I recommend it for girls in their teens. For those who are interested in the fashion industry, this book is most certainly for you. It gives you a feel of the free, urban life of young adults on their own for the first time. Other novels by Jasmine Oliver include Prada Princesses and Gucci Girls.

I found Armani Angels to be a bit on the dull side, but then, I'm more about fantasy, action and excitement. For those who enjoy a novel more so about pop culture and well, reality, this is a great book. The language and vocabulary is really very well done, and the plot made me want to read more. The final outcome made me feel as though the story wasn't truly finished. Maybe there will be more of the Armani Angels?

I give Armani Angels 3 stylish stars.  It was a cute read that I'm sure many will enjoy.


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