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P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast. Betrayed: A House Of Night Novel
Griffin Original  $10.95  ISBN 978-0-312-36028-3  310 pg. 
Reviewed by Ceilidh, Age 15

“-- Neferet’s told me a lot about you.”

“She has?” I was mortified that my voice squeaked.

“Of course she has. She’s incredibly proud of you.” He nodded at the empty seat beside me. “I don’t want to interrupt your work, but do you mind if I sit with you a little while?”

“Yeah, sure. I need a break. I think my butt’s asleep.” Oh, God, just kill me now.

He laughed. “Well then, would you like to stand while I sit?”

“No, I’ll—uh—just shift my weight.” And then I’ll hurl myself out the window.

Zoey Redbird is an extremely rare fledgling; she is fully marked. Everything seems perfect at the House of Night, and nothing could be better. She has a boyfriend, Heath and maybe a little someone on the side…? As she replaces Aphrodite as the leader of the Dark Daughters, her friends have stuck with her throughout everything as well. But human teens are being killed and the cops are sniffing around the school and there is something not right about the school. Something is going on that is beyond Zoey’s knowledge. In the last book, Zoey experienced the death of two fledglings, and in this book one of the fledgling she loses will be one of her best friends. While mourning her friend’s death, she struggles to keep her head and uncover the mysteries of the school and the missing teens. In this second edition to Zoey’s school life at the House Of Night, you can follow Zoey through the happiness and heartbreak that she experiences.

Zoey is a very dynamic character, which always has something to say that the reader can agree with. This book has the perfect amount of drama to make it seem just like the life of a true teenage vampire, and the way this novel is written you will understand everything that Zoey goes through as if you are there right with her, or in her body yourself. The romance level in this book is absolutely perfect and it definitely has less of a worry for coarse language than the prequel. I would really enjoy reading a third or fourth book in this series, and I know I am going to be searching the shelves for a long time to come in hopes of finding more books to this series. In Zoey’s battle to fit in, I could really relate to her because she is just trying to find somewhere, whether in the human world or with the vampires. I will never forget this book.

I give Betrayed five amazing stars. I recommend this book for ages 14 and up because of some sexual and romantic scenes.


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