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Steven Kroll. The Biggest Easter Basket Ever
Scholastic  $5.99  ISBN 978-0-545-01702-2  32 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

The week before Easter, moms and dads in Mouseville were spring-cleaning and baking cookies when the mayor made his announcement.

“We will have a gala Easter celebration on the village green. We will have an egg-rolling contest and an Easter egg hunt.”

Everyone cheered, “Yippee!”

“And whoever brings the biggest Easter basket will win a prize!”

Clayton and Desmond are two mice friends who both love Easter. Each mouse is determined to make the biggest Easter basket ever. Their families both give each mouse the same advice without knowing it, which leads to broken eggs. But in the end, they find out that teamwork is the way to go!!

If you enjoyed the books The Biggest Valentine Ever, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever and The Biggest Snowman Ever, you will also enjoy The Biggest Easter Basket Ever. A colourful, exciting and fun book with lovely pictures that explain the story clearly. There’s also some tense competition between all the mice of Mouseville, which Kroll explains very well. A picture book suitable for ages 4-7, I'd say.

The Biggest Easter Basket Ever seemed to invite me in for tea – or a chocolate Easter bunny, perhaps!! Trust me you'll want to read it if you want to read a good, short story in time for Easter! The foil stickers are cute! If you dislike books with confusing endings, don’t worry, when you read this picture book you won’t have to read it 10 times to get the idea; thankfully.

I'll give The Biggest Easter Basket Ever 4 Easter-chocolate-stars!!


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