The Clowns Escape!
Jan, Age 11, Warsaw, Poland

The Clowns had had it. Mr. and Mrs. Clown had been planning the escape for a while now but it was time for some action. They knew they wouldn’t survive if it wasn’t for the reinforcements waiting in the wilderness. The Clowns loathed working for the circus. The pair were treated like pathetic animals. Some job requirements were death wishes.

Each show they had to stick their head in a starving lion’s mouth and were forced to walk the tight rope, which wasn’t so tight, without a net - fifty feet above the ground. You get the picture. They couldn’t continue living this way. They had to escape. If their 13 year old son could do it, then so could they. Besides, where ever they went, it could only get better.

The clock struck midnight. The clowns tiptoed silently out of their tent. Security was tight so they had to be very careful. They managed to sneak past the first couple of guys. They thought they were in trouble when the dog sniffed them out, but the large steak they threw at him, saved the day.

They had never been outside of the circus grounds before and were amazed to see a gigantic forest so thick that you could hardly the second row of trees. There seemed to be no other route so they decided to go through. After about one hour of walking, they came to an amazing sight. A group of about 150 people, all previous circus members, stood in clearing by a bonfire. They recognized many faces of others that had run away. They saw Harold, the Tamer, with his lion, Poppy, the penguin who couldn’t fly, and Elli, the waltzing elephant. Best of all they saw Humorous, their son.

The others said that many have tried to get out of the forest but never managed and that they have lived on berries and fishes from the nearby stream. The next morning, Mrs. Clown decided to rebel against the circus, free the others, and get back to living the life they wanted.

Now it was time for some action! The group decided they would take over the circus and make it more humane. First Poppy led a group of birdies to bomb the security with “droppings.” With the security off guard, it was easier to go in and attack the director of the circus, Sir Smelly.

The coast clear, the troop set off to find Sir Smelly. They cornered him in the Big Top. “You must let the entire circus go free or it will be your head in the lion,” Mr. Clown commanded.

Sir Smelly quickly agreed, freed everyone and became the main attraction completing all the unappealing tasks each of the other circus members used to do.

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