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Eric Walters. House Party
Orca $9.95  ISBN 978-55143-741-5  102 pg.
Reviewed by Lindsay, Age 15

The most bizarre thought kept rolling around in my head. Despite it all, it really did look like a good party. There was going to be a lot of cleaning up to do, and I hoped my parents wouldn't find out about it, but it might all work out. Jen and I were throwing a grade-A, top-of-the-line party.

There was the sound of squealing tires and glanced out the front window. I was stunned by what I saw. I knew people were outside, but I'd had no idea how many. There had to be two hundred kids on our front lawn and the street! Everywhere I looked there were people! I stared unable to believe the scene...

Fifteen-year-old Casey is the new girl in town, and though she has managed to make a few friends, she feels as though she is the odd ball looking in on a school that is very cliquey and built upon status and popularity. Parties are seen as the major contributor to whether you are in or out. When her two very trusting parents go away on a business trip, Casey is supposed to be staying with one of her only friends, Jen. What they don't know however is that Jen has convinced Casey to throw a house party as a way of meeting new people, and possibly getting in with the popular crowd. From the beginning, Casey knows breaking her parents trust is wrong, but with Jen's promise of popularity she goes ahead with the plan. When the party turns out to be a big hit, and eventually ends up out of control, Casey and Jen don't know what to do. Together they need to find a way to bring everything to a close, save Casey's house, and ensure her parents will never find out. House Party teaches some good life lessons about trust and friendship.

House Party is a fairly short novel designed for those who hesitate when it comes to reading a novel. I recommend it for those who just enjoy a rather light, but entertaining read. The target age group would most likely be between the ages of 12 and 15. Eric Walters lived in Ontario with his family and has published over forty-five novels. He began writing in 1993 as a way of encouraging his grade five students to take a bigger interest in literature.

I found this book to be quite simple, and thus very easy to understand. It had realistic characters I quickly learned to like and could easily relate to. I found House Party to be more so a source of entertainment, rather then intellectual. I found the plot was slightly predictable, but I continued reading to the very end because the author had a way of making you wonder what would happen next.

I give House Party three wild stars. Fun, suspenseful and overall a good read.


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