Sarah's Stars

Robin Stevenson. Out of Order
Orca Books  $9.95  ISBN 978-1-55143-693-7  221 pg.
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

Tomorrow will be my first day ay my new school. Tomorrow will be the test. No one in Victoria knows what I was like before. This is the way I want it.  Maybe, if no one ever finds out about the things that happened in Ontario, I will be able to forget about them myself. Maybe the memories will become nothing more than ghosts, drifting down the locker-lined halls of Georgetown Middle School.

Sophie Keller is the new girl in Victoria. Before she moved from Georgetown, Ontario she was the loser; the one that everyone picked on and teased. Over the summer she has decided to lose weight and find a new attitude. On the first day of school she is very nervous: will anyone know me or see that I am the one to pick on? After being at school a few days she meets her locker buddy and they become close friends and do everything together. Will Sophie be able to keep her new best friend, or will her life be turned upside down once again?

Stevenson’s book made my week! It hooked me instantly and reeled me in. I couldn’t put the book done until I was done! The plot was exciting and it was full of surprises and suspense. The characters were very unique and interesting. She made me feel like I was walking with Sophie, day after day. She left me hanging as I wish it had elaborated more on the conclusion. The book helps young adults learn how to make good decisions and how to handle being a teenager. I wouldn’t recommend it to kids under 12 years due to bad language and mature subject matter. A stunning read. I highly recommend it!

In my books, Out of Order by Robin Stevenson gets 5 gleaming stars!


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