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Lp Camozzi. Pasta Pazoo: More Better Spaghetti
Lp Kids  $9.99  ISBN 978-0-9737367-0-0  15 pg.
Reviewed by Tianna, Age 11

Right after dinner, one summer day, Al started to sing in this funny way: "Pasta Pazoo Iím tired of spaghetti I want a new chew,
Pasta Pazoo Iím tired of spaghetti I want a new chew."

Pasta Pazoo is a rhyming childrenís book that introduces many different types of pasta. It is about two friends, Pasta Pazoo and her friend Al Fredo. Pasta Pazoo has a Sketti tree and she and Al always eat pasta. One day Al wanted some different pasta, so Pasta Pazoo and Al began their mouth-watering adventure.

To them everything was pasta! They went to the beach and found some conchiglie shells, perfect for a seafood mix. Then they found some butterfly pasta and filled their nets. They rode the waves on pasta logs, had food fights, and did many more crazy things. I would recommend this book for beginning readers because it is easy to read. Itís a cute book, and it is a wonderful book to help people learn about different kinds of pasta.

I give Pasta Pazoo 4 scrumptious stars. A small child would find this book both enjoyable and funny.


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