Sarah's Stars

Brigitte Blobel. Red Rage
Annick Press  $10.95  ISBN 978-1-55451-101-3  246 pg. 
Reviewed by Ceilidh, Age 15

When he turned away briefly to read the street signs through the window, Mara sneaked a closer look at him. He had light-brown hair, straight and chin length, and he was trying to grow sideburns – without much success as that hair was a bit darker and very curly. Boy, thought Mara, can’t you see that it looks ridiculous?

He turned around soon than she’d expected and Mara blushed again. “I’m at the Bolivar School.” When she only shrugged indifferently, he added, “Taking modern languages. I’m no good at math.” He laughed again.

Mara pulled a face.

Teenager, Mara, has an anger problem. The problem? She can’t seem to control it. If you think you react badly when you are angry, just wait to see what Mara can do. The rage overwhelms her and attacks those around her. People reach out to help Mara, but she keeps herself barricaded away. She finds herself on a bus one day, unable to think anymore. That’s where she meets Tim, and he makes it so that she never wants him to get off that bus. He is the one person that she might actually allow to get close to her. But will he want to get close to her once he knows who she really is? Though eventually she allows a teacher to help her, she takes a job for work experience in the daycare in town. She finds that the children seem to help her control herself a little bit more, until one day when she is left alone with them. You’ll be shocked at what happens and how she justifies her actions. You might even be surprised at how you justify her actions.

I have been angry before, and I thought that I was scary when angry, but I was truly silenced when I read this book. It honestly made me cry by the end, I could not hold back anymore. It was a very emotional experience for me. There were a few similes in this book that made me stop, and re-read, which sometimes took away from the mood at that particular point in the book, but it was not over-the-top irritating. This is definitely a book that I would read again, because I really bonded with the main character, she was extremely believable, and extremely well thought up. Though there was a lot of swearing and course language in the beginning of the book, it thinned out towards the end. I was fine with the type of language used, but I know some people would not be.

I give this book five frenzying stars out of five and I recommend this book to ages 13 and up, though readers should be cautioned against the course language and some sexual content.


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