Six Favorite Things about Fifth Grade
Miyuki, Age 10, Warsaw, Poland

I have so many favorite things in fifth grade. First of all, I like my teacher. This is because she doesnít hit me. Sometimes in Japan, teachers strike students if they do something wrong. The second thing I like in fifth grade is I get to have a laptop. I am so happy to have computers because I can engage in many different fun and exciting activities. The third thing I like about fifth grade is hanging out with my friends. I can play with my friends at least one hour every day. The fourth thing I like about fifth grade is I donít get much homework. The fifth thing I like about fifth grade is that all of the people in this class are kind to me. They donít laugh when I do something wrong. The last thing I like about fifth grade is we get to experience musical instruments. It is so fun to play new instruments. That is why I like being in fifth grade!

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