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Isamu Fukui. Truancy
Tor  $21.95  ISBN 978-0-7653-1767-4 431 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Wherever there is school,
there will always be truancy.

Tack is fifteen years old and struggling to get through a world full of people being imprisoned by their government. Or the ‘Educators’ as they like to call themselves. They not only crack down on laws in school, but everywhere else in the city as well. Everyone has fallen subject to the cruel ruling man known as the Mayor. The man who wants everyone to be treated as if they were in a classroom, and disciplined like it. too. If school was not bad enough with biased teachers and ‘No Talking’ policies, things were about to get much, much worse for Tack and everyone else in the city. The quiet rule over them was too perfect not to be opposed. The opposition, a gang of ex-students, rebels that like to call themselves the Truancy are about to change the way of life, as the citizens know it, forever.

I am green with jealousy. A boy that was my age wrote this novel! It is unbelievable; and yet there is the proof beneath the cover, four hundred thirty-one pages of pure brilliance. Isamu Fukui writes so well that you lose track of who actually wrote it. You think to yourself maybe a very old man…but no. He was fifteen years old when he wrote this book; and it turned out amazing. Not only does the book bond with anyone going to school, but also it accentuates every student’s loathing about it. He expresses complete understanding and sympathy for kids who run late for class or for those who do something as simple as talk during a lecture. I am awe struck by just how much I found myself liking this book; the plot is unpredictable and always keeps the reader guessing. They will be at the edges of their seats because, although I thought that the fight scenes were rather long and tedious, they are exciting.

I recommend this book for people thirteen years old and up. It does contain harsh language and it gushes with violence and many life lessons. I loved the use of gore and mental encryptions. This novel had a good mixture of everything in it.

I give Truancy five rebellious stars. I am driving myself crazy with envy. I am completely struck dumb at the notion of someone my age writing this must read book. Bravo!


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