Sarah's Stars

Karen Rivers. X in Flight
Raincoast Books  $11.95  ISBN 978-1-55192-982-8  256 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

Three teenagers, three different points of view and one school. They all know each other; sort of. They are all struggling to survive the constant pressures of high school and self-criticism. When you are a rebellious teenager who lives in her sister’s shadow, a neglected daughter sitting in her too big house or a boy confined to his trailer bordering the golf course, you feel trapped. The need to escape is dire…it should help that one of them has a pair of wings.

I had the most enormous headache after I read this novel! Don’t get me wrong; it is an amazing book. But the way that this story is written absorbs the reader so intensely into the three teenage characters’ lives that their problems actually started to become apart of me. I felt everything that they felt and I was utterly convinced that they were real. If I were ever called to put the book down, it would be like immerging from holding my breath underwater too long. It would take me a while to realize that these events had not actually happened to me. It was that realistic for me, I am sure that anyone else who picked up this book would be able to relate to it just as easily. They are teenagers after all; every word that they spoke was exactly the same way I would reply to something.

The part of this book that I enjoyed the most was the added hint of surreality. Seeing as one of the characters could fly, it only made the book more appealing to me. Readers will delight in the mixture of fantasy and reality. It is so accurate as to what happens to adolescents in high school that readers will create very strong ties with the characters.

I recommend this book for people fourteen years old and up. It is a very blunt book when it comes to swearing and sexual content. Karen Rivers tells it like it is from a teenage character’s perspective (which can be disturbing to some).

I give X in Flight five flying stars.


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