Best Friend
Ally, Age 9, Schoolcraft, MI

One day, one shivering day when the sun peaked in through the curtains, I slowly opened my eyes and threw off the covers. I smelled the smell of pancakes, bacon, and orange juice. I put on my robe and headed for the door. It creaked opened, I rushed to the kitchen and I saw a boy. "Honey, this is our next door neighbor." my mom said. The boy was about my age. He was tall, had brown hair, some blue jeans, and a red sweatshirt. "H-hi." I said. "Hi." he said back. "My name is Chad." he said. "Emily," I said.

The moment I saw him I was in love. After breakfast I went in my room and got dressed. I wore a red tank top and some jeans. Then I brushed my long brown hair. When I went back to the kitchen and the boy was about ready to leave. "Come back soon." I exclaimed. "Um, maybe we could hang out some time," he said.

"Sure." I replied.

Night followed day and day followed night. When I finally saw him I was out in the meadow under a hollow tree. I finally said "I love you." He repeated my words. A week past, and I was reading a book called Pixie Dust when suddenly the doorbell rang. I put my book down and opened the door, Chad's mom was at the door. I saw a teardrop roll down her cheek. Then she said "Chad past away yesterday, but before he died he wanted me to tell you that he loved you very much." I said "I'm sorry..." I shut the door and I cried myself to sleep. In my thoughts I thought I didn't say goodbye. I never forgot my true love.

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