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Norma Charles.  Boxcar Kid
Dundurn  $11.99 ISBN  978-155002-755-6  120 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

Thirteen-year-old Luc Godin stared out the train window. "Now thatís what I call a beautiful sight", he muttered, his heart pounding.

Gleaming black bicycles streamed past them in the rain.  Some riders were pedalling hard, racing with their friends. Others were weaving back and forth leisurely on the cinder path that ran along the tracks.

Thirteen year old Luc Godin has come to B.C with his family, maman, papa, Clara, Rita and Joseph, so that his papa can get a job in the new mill's stable, with the things he knows best while Luc has a passion for the more modern devices. While his family and three other families have to stay in a boxcar because their houses aren't built yet, the Leblanc sisters have been real pests. Since Luc was in an accident with two horses and his brother Leo, who didnít survive, horses now frighten him, which allows Rita to get the job as a stable boy...

Norma Charles lives in Vancouver and is the author of See You Later Alligator, and eleven previous children's novels, including the Sophie/Star Girl series. I think that Boxcar Kid would be a good fit for kids 8-12.

Boxcar Kid had a definite begging, middle and ending that flowed perfectly. You should read this book because it shows the path a young gentleman takes. The moments he has are simply something that could happen quite easily.  If you like books with French backgrounds, this is one of them and it contains some French dialogue that could be understood by French speakers, but since I am only a minor French speaker the French thatís in it was something I didnít understand. Even though this book is more for boys, I think, some girls would also enjoy the story Charles shares with us.

Ill give Boxcar Kid  5 railway-style stars.


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