The Case of the Missing Shin Guard
Jia, Age 13, Pearland, TX

It was dark and quiet you could hear anything in the house, from the dripping water in the sink in the kitchen to dogs snoring upstairs. Then suddenly this alarm went off it sounded like a high pitch screeching noise. I woke up in my smooth bed soft bed. When I looked up, the time was 6:45 am. That night my dogs had slept with me like every other night, so I didn’t get much sleep. I crawled out of my bed and glanced at my dogs Dakota and Baylee, and I saw something under them. It was black and silver. At the time I didn’t think of anything of it.

I started to look for clothes to wear to school today. I picked out a royal blue shirt and khaki pants. By that time it was about 7:00 am. I have to leave at 8:00 am so I can pick up some of my friends to get something to eat. Well, I crammed everything into my navy and white bag with a gigantic bird on the front. I forgot that today was Friday and that means I have the championship game for soccer in high school with Coach Henley and Connally! I had to find all my things for the game today in my catastrophic bedroom. I found everything except my shin guard. I started to dig through all my clothes on my bedroom floor I looked more like glanced in my closet. I still could not find it.

I sprinted downstairs to the laundry room it wasn’t there. I asked my little sisters. They said “I have no idea where it could be.” By that time it was 7:45 am I still could not find it. Well then I just realized I went with Tara to ODP and after we hung out together, so I called her up and asked if she had my shin guard and she said “No, I have not seen your shin guard but …” I hung up the phone before she finished her statement. I became furious. I burst into tears. I still could not find my shin guard for today’s championship game. In 5 minutes we will be leaving... I looked out of the window and saw that it was pouring rain with slight dash of hail.

“Today is just not my day” I thought to myself.

I was still crying my eyes out with my mascara running down my warm cheeks. I strolled down the hallway went into my room I laid down with Dakota and Baylee and I glanced at what that black and silver thing was. I grasped it with my sweaty palms. It was my shin guard! I was so jubilant. Perfect timing! I sprinted down stairs still cramming everything in my bag. Tara called me and said “Oh I forgot to tell you when you hung up on me that we don’t have the state championship game today. The coaches are giving us a break for next week.” I said “Thanks Tara for telling me now!!!!”

The next week when we did have the championship soccer game. We won in a p.k shoot out 1-0 when I scored the last goal in the game. We got a magnificent trophy [it was 4 feet tall] for winning the championship game.

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