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Edo van Belkom. Cry Wolf
Tundra Books   $12.99   ISBN 978-0-88776-818-7   182 pg.
Reviewed by Ceilidh, Age 15

When Tora reached the cafeteria at lunchtime, she was hopeful that the pack’s search of the school would produce the source of the poison.
“Find anything?” she asked Argus when he joined her for lunch.
Argus shook his head. “I checked the cutlery here in the cafeteria, and in the staffroom, but it’s all stainless steel.”
Tora smiled at that.
“What?” asked Argus. “It is called
silverware, you know?”
“It was a good try,” she said. “Very imaginative.” She unwrapped her sandwich. “Anything else?”

In an exciting sequel to Lone Wolf, the pack once again is being targeted by bullies, and cannot do anything to protect themselves. Harlan cannot protect himself from Jake MacKinnon because of the rule that a werewolf must not spill a mortal’s blood without accepting the risks that follow. And Tora continues to experience problems with Maria Abruzzo, whose sister has gone missing and for some reason blames the pack for her sister’s disappearance. To make matters worse, the pack has lost possibly one of their strongest assets, the brains of the bunch, Noble, who has been poisoned by someone at the school and is very ill.

I enjoyed Cry Wolf much more than the first one, to be truly honest. In this novel the siblings seem much more like siblings, and I really enjoyed that bond that they share. These novels remain, however, excellent books for a classroom of Canadian students to read in class. They have really good Canadian humour, and obvious Canadian settings which I really liked to see in a book. An added bonus of this book is that it changes points of view frequently, though still remaining in third person point of view, which is especially pleasant, because there are not only males but also females in this book, which balances it out very well.

I give Cry Wolf four howling stars, only because some of the content is lacking for an advanced reader. I recommend this book for ages 12 and up because I believe strongly that this would be a book that would be thoroughly enjoyed by those in a classroom setting of almost any age.


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