Sarah's Stars

Marlee Pinsker. In the Days of Sand and Stars
Tundra $26.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-724-1  87pg.
Reviewed by Tianna, Age 11

In the twilight of her life, she asked how God could have been more present in their lives as they faced conflicts of living outside the peaceful garden. When God did not answer she asked why her son Abel had to die.

We are still trying to answer these questions.

This book is based on real Bible characters and some factual events. There are characters such as Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca and others. It talks about their lives, and creates a fictional story from real events. It connects each section of the 11 chapters to the section before. It takes place in many different Bible settings.

Being a student of the Bible, I know that we are all children of Adam and that we all inherited sin and death from him. Thatís why we all die. These questions are not unanswered, but we just have to look for them in the Bible. This is an interesting read, although fictional for the most part. I would recommend this book for ages 11 and older for its detail, color, illustrations, and more. This book kept me entertained and I enjoyed it very much.

Tianna gives In the Days of Sand and Stars 3 and one half stars.


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