Friends by Accident
Nicole, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

It was a hot summer day Nicki was at the mall and so was Mya, but they didn't know. They were just walking and bumped into each other. But Nicki didn't look up. Mya didn't look up either so they didn't know who bumped into each other.

They kept on going and bumped into each other again. Now Nicki yelled "Move it." Nicki's face was red, her hands were balled into a fist and Mya started to cry. Nicki looked and whispered "Mya, I didn't know that was you." From then on they shopped. They had so much fun together. They giggled.

"This is fun." Then the girls went into their car and Nicki's mom drove Nicki and Mya home. They had fun. Mya was somebody important. She is a 3rd grader. Nicki really needed to talk to her about math so she did. Then Nicki got to eat at Mya's house. They had potatoes, and steak, DELICIOUS steak, and milk of course. Nicki had to go home to go to sleep. The moon was out like Nicki liked it to be.

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