Savannah, Age 12, Pearland, TX

Something’s not right. Something strange is going on, I just don’t know what. But I will figure it out. I just need to go over the facts. First of all, I’m living in a 150 year old house. Second, my mother is not acting like her normal self. And, third, I had the dream again. The nightmare. I was alone in a dark room; pitch black was all that surrounded me. Suddenly a candle flickered to life. I didn’t know who had lit the candle, but somewhere in my subconscious mind I knew I had to find out. That was the nightmare. The dream I’ve been having every night for two weeks straight.

But today, something is different. Let’s rewind to when I said my mother isn’t well. The woman is usually happy and ready to work but today… today, she is sad and cries almost all the time, she acts like I don’t even exist, and is really jumpy, as if she is worried someone is going to scare her every time she blinks. I’m worried about her.

But even more worrisome is the fact that my house may be haunted. Is that the reason for this? If so, are the ghosts angry? Can I talk to them? Maybe, if I can solve all this… can I get things back to normal?

Three Weeks Later

Mom is still acting strange. This morning I found an emerald green stone in the kitchen. The ghosts are still here. I need to talk to them, but I don’t know how. Who is that? A pale looking man is at the door. I wonder why he’s here. He says that he’s been here before. He acts like it, too, but I’ve never seen him in my life. I don’t trust him. He claims to know the ghosts so I guess I’ll listen to him. Not much to say. I’ll take his advice and check the guest room, though. Another stone, but blue. What’s this? A message. “Keep searching for us.” Interesting. The ghosts are talking to me… maybe I could send one back “Who are you?” So I can leave this here and check tomorrow… I’ll keep the stone. Now, back to that pale-faced man. What was his name? Peter Yusba. Does he know more about the ghosts? Wait, where’d he go? A third stone? Bright red, hmmm… Now I have emerald green, sapphire blue and bright ruby red. Three stones, three clues. But where is Peter? Will he come back? Maybe…

Four Days Later

Is Peter back? No. He came yesterday and I found another stone. A fourth clue, this one sparkling silver. It’s strange how the stones only appear when Peter visits. But the ghosts have not responded to my note… Mom is almost back to normal, but still really sad and depressed. My nightmare got worse last night. When the candle flickered on, I saw Peter, standing there, pale as the moon. Just standing there, staring at me. Suddenly, the small, dim flame got bigger and more out of control. I woke this morning with my window all the way open and rain pouring in. It’s still raining now. Will they show up in the rain? I need to know for sure. Wait, who’s at the door? Peter! I need to know more, I still don’t all the way trust him, but I need more answers. Then, why is he the one asking questions? About me. Favorite color? It changes. Green, blue, red, silver… wait… green, blue, red, and silver.

THE STONES! Emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and SILVER! The stones are my favorite colors, but… why me? How would the ghosts know about me? Wait… Peter. Where’d he go now? Another note? “You have found out about the stones?” Why are they trying to confuse me? Or are they just piecing it together for me? Ugh! Ghosts! Stop trying to talk to me! Just show yourselves! Let’s go through the facts again, Peter, pale, mysteriously leaving when I just turn my back, the ghosts only talk to me when he’s here… oh, no!

Peter is the ghost! I’ll need to talk to him soon! He’s the ghost! It’s him I know it! Oh great… blackout. Where’s a candle? Oh one’s already lit. Peter is still here? My nightmare! It’s coming true! The flame! The fire is getting out of control! HELP!!!

The Next Morning

Oh… did I have the dream again? No. I couldn’t have… it was too real this time. Did it really happen? No one came to help me… what’s the date? That can’t be right. That was when I first had the nightmare. Hey the newspaper… Girl Dies in Accident Fire? Wait… that’s me! That’s it! I’ve solved it! Peter isn’t the ghost. I am.

Is this...

The End…?

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