The Pot of Gold
Spencer, Age 9, Schoolcraft, MI

One day a Leprechaun named Patrick was walking along with a pot of gold. His friend Robby had a pot of gold, too. They went to the king to bow down. 

‘Give me our gold,' said the king.

‘Never' they said.  Then they sprinted away out the door. 

‘That was close.’ said Robby. One day a big leprechaun stole their gold and tried to sell it.  Patrick and Robby broke into the glass and stole the pot of gold. Then ran off with it. It was heavier than usual.  They dropped it and looked inside. There was more gold. Wow!

They jumped in like it was a pool.  The gold was as shiny as anything, but they went to the bottom of the gold there was something just something they just didn’t recognize. They picked it up and got up and gave it to Doc.  Doc was a leprechaun who knew everything.  He said "It’s a wrapper".  So they went to their house.  A bear was in there.  They forgot they had a pie. The bear was eating it up.  “You left it on the porch.” said the bear.  Bear was their friend he loved pie.  “It’s all gone now”, said Robby." Can you please get out let’s go to sleep."

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