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Terry Deary. Groovy Greeks
Scholastic $6.99 ISBN 978-0-545-99985-5  136 pg. 
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

Zeus ruled the earth and the sky from his home on the top of Mount Olympus. Of all the groovy gods, Zeus was the grooviest. In a competition he got the top job. When he wasn't flirting with human women he was frying somebody with a thunderbolt.

Zeus's brother, Poseidon, ruled the sea. A job for a real drip. Old Pos wasn't too happy with this because he was a bad loser. That's why he sulked and went stomping around, whipping up the seas with a fork and creating storms. What a stirrer!

A third brother, Hades, was the real loser. He won the job of ruling the underworld. That must have been hell!

Another installment to the witty and charming Horrible Histories series, this is sure to please. The cheeky descriptions of events, practices and interesting characters from the land of ancient Greece manage to actually teach you something, while providing you with some entertainment as well. Illustrator Martin Brown's sideline comics always give you a smile (if not a good-natured rolling of the eyes!) and the pop quizzes test your knowledge of all things Greek.

I was drawn into this book and stayed there until I had finished it and surprisingly, the facts kept me almost as intrigued as if I'd been reading a break-neck paced thriller. Elementary and middle schoolers would do well to give this book and some of the others in the series a spin if they need useful information for a project and even if no high schoolers would admit it, if they read this book they'd probably enjoy too.

I give Groovy Greeks four stars.


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