Sarah's Stars

Perry Moore. Hero
Hyperion $21.50 ISBN 978-1-4231-0195-6 432 pg.   
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 16

I never thought that I’d have a story worth telling, at least not one about me. I always knew I was different, but until I discovered I had my own story, I never thought I was anything special. My destiny began to unfurl during my very last game at school. What started with an accident on the court ended with the single most devastating look I ever got from my father. And it made me want to die.

Thom Creed is just another teenager. At least that is what he would like to think…maybe that is the way he wants it to stay. Unfortunately things get complicated fast as events in his life start to mesh and then fall apart…only to set him up for something completely new; finding out, for instance, that he has superpowers…or that the super hero group known as The League is going to ask him to try out for their squad. There are secrets that he is keeping hidden and there are a thousand more that his father is keeping from him. He is only just learning some of the things that he never understood about himself and others around him.

This book was more like a movie than pages to read. The way that the scenes are set up reminds the reader of things that would happen in a film rather than in a book. The characters emotions, actions and reactions are all strong and vibrant. They are explained perfectly and keep the reader interested. The constant secrets that are revealed are one of the motivations I can use to get more people to pick this book off the shelf. It may sound a little cliché…but it is far from the average ‘boy who becomes a hero’ story. There are so many more twists and turns in the plot that it is impossible just to slip this novel into the ‘boy who becomes a hero’ category. I like how Moore sets up the book to attract people with a director’s eye. It was a creative style and it never failed me once throughout the whole story. I also enjoyed the various pieces of reality that were placed in the book along with the whole ‘super hero’ act. I think this book is interesting and well written.

I would recommend this book for people fourteen years old and up. It does contain some uncomfortable situations and some mild language. (That is what I mean by reality-oriented writing; it’s excellent!)

I give this book five flying stars out of five! Honestly? I powered through four hundred plus pages like it was nothing!


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