Invisible Children
Ben, Age 14, Leesburg, VA

A life young lived
Started out like any other
Counting years like days
Adding new candles each time
Wishes falling just short
Of making history
Dreams long thought,
Short lived, tortured, burned
Every potential denied
Worked into the ground
Each success opposed with failure
Everybody knows
No one cares

Parents punishing each mistake
Offering no room for improvement
No place of comfort, peace, solitude
Left alone in the dark, cold world
To defend themselves
Every eye that falls
Quickly looks away
Hungry, cold, alone in the corner
Each dollar is a miracle
The world moves on without them
Where did they fall off the train?
No one notices
Nobody wants to

The dark faces in the shadows
Hopeless, searching for a redeemer
Finding nothing, nobody
Helpless hands reach out
Grabbing only air
The very air they breathe
The very air they hate
Moaning as hunger intensifies
Muttering only a plea for a change
Mourning as their lives pass them by
Reaching the world’s inescapable bottom
Everybody hears
No one listens

Everyone knows
Nobody understands
Everyone sees
Nobody responds
Everyone hears
Nobody cares
Everyone lives
Nobody loves
Surely someone must
Nobody does

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