Sarah's Stars

Cary Fagan. Mr. Karpís Last Glass
Groundwood $8.95  ISBN 978-0-88899-790-6  94 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

Randolph is a pretty normal kid who likes to collect things. Stones when he was four, snow-globes when he was six, and shoehorns when he was eight. Now, at the age of eleven, he has three collections including beer-bottle caps, writing instruments and words. He always thought he was a serious collector. But his thoughts about that changed when he met the renter, Mr. Karp, which his two sisters didnít want in the first place. Mr. Karp collects water from all around the world and works at the Complaints Department in Macintosh's Department Store, the oldest store in town. The feud between him and another collector rages on. But when Ravelson gets a precious sample that Mr. Karp had a deal on, disaster strikes.

A good read called Mr. Karp's Last Glass is suitable for ages 7-12. The writing is excellent; you can understand what Cary Fagan is writing about.  You would be interested in this book because you can tell how Randolph is feeling, especially good for those who have collections. This is a good book and may make you want to start your own unique collection. Learn more about Cary Fagan by going to:

How 'bout 4 collective stars for Mr. Karpís Last Glass.


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