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Trudie Trewin. I Lost My Kisses
Orchard Books  $14.99  ISBN 978-0-545-05557-4  32 pg.
Reviewed by Heather, Age 13

Matilda Rose loves to kiss. 
She kisses hello. She kisses good-bye. 
She kisses good morning and she kisses good night.

ut today Matilda Rose feels bad. 
“Something is terribly, horribly wrong,” cries Matilda. 
“I lost my kisses!”

Matilda Rose loves to kiss.  But today she feels really bad.  She has lost her kisses and she cannot find them anywhere!  She asks her mother, she asks her friend, Lamkins, she asks Cuddles and she even asks Mr. McSnortie at the super market.  No one has seen or heard Matilda’s kisses.  Matilda has to find her kisses before her dad arrives home!  But Matilda Rose is not sure what her kisses look like, she thinks it is going to be hard to find them.  Will Matilda find her kisses in time?

I absolutely loved I lost My Kisses!  The front cover and title were both bright and exciting.  Nick Bland’s illustrations were incredibly cute and very well detailed.  The text was easy to read and plain.  Children aged 2-6 will love reading and looking at the pictures and learning what kisses are.

Trudie Trewin lives in Australia and has written picture books for children that are adored by reviewers and readers alike.

I Lost My Kisses picture book gets 5 slobbery stars!


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