Sarah's Stars

Chris McMahen. Klutzhood
Orca $8.95  ISBN 978-1-55-143-710-1  154 pg.    
Reviewed by Tyler, Age 12

But they could try as hard as they wanted. They couldn’t force me!  Instead of playing hockey against the teachers, I’d be with my real friends in the Dumpster.

The main character, Arlo, is the new kid who has just moved from Victoria and is now living in East Bend. Pinball is a legendary D.D; so is Rocko. The story takes place in modern times.

If you like mystery/suspense books this will be one great read. AND the author teaches in a local elementary school in my neighbourhood.

I would recommend this book for children ages ten and up because younger readers might not grasp the storyline as well as older readers. Also, some of the pranks are not suitable for young children.

I give Klutzhood five stars.


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