Sarah's Stars

Zilpha Keatley Snyder. The Magic Nation Thing
Yearling  $8.99  ISBN 978-0-440-41931-0  164 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

Not long after Abigail O'Malley helped solve the Moorehead kidnapping case she noticed a problem; a problem she'd never shared with anyone, not even Paige Borden, her best and closest friend. A problem so embarrassingly personal, in fact, that she had never allowed herself to believe that it actually existed, at least not for sure.

Abbey’s mom thinks that Abby and her might have some psychic powers passed down from Abby's great aunt. But what only Abby, and later Paige knows is that Abby has something her kindergarten teacher donned a "magic nation". Later on a ski trip, 6-year-old Sky gets mad at his brother Woody, Abby and Paige and wanders off into a stranger’s car. It is then that Abby must see if she actually has some powers passed down from her great aunt...

The Magic Nation Thing isn't exactly for boys, even though a few might read it. If you enjoy reading a book that includes a girl with psychic powers, then read this novel, a book about detective agencies and their mysteries. A book with lots of adventure and mischief!

Ill give The Magic Nation Thing 4 imaginative stars!


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