Mistress of Doom
Ria, Age 11, Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

the rapping sound on the door
echoes in the halls
through the silvery dust
past the treasured memories
into the little room
of little rosy bloom

and there she sits
day and night
swallowed up by shadows
haunted by night
but not a word she utters
through her pale white cheeks
beause she is rosy bloom
the mistress of doom

death shall fear to come near
and happiness shall try to cheer her
but ghosts of friends hover near her eyes
and the heavy weight of doom on her shoulders
almost makes her cry
and so even happiness shall flee like flies
because she is rosy bloom
the mistress of doom

but why the name rosy bloom
was given to her in the day of doom
no one shall ever find out
and only some shall dare
for in the little room of the big old house
lives rosy bloom
the mistress of doom

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