Monster Forever?
Nick, Age 9, Schoolcraft, MI

Once there was a rabbit named Harvey. He was playing in his part of the hutch with some friends.  But suddenly they heard “Mwuhhhh” One of Harvey’s friends went in.  Then after a couple of hours they heard “Your friend is being made into a monster that will hunt you.. mwuhhhhh! It looks like this.  This is what will haunt you.  The teeth are sharp and his eye shoots a laser.  And the more you scream it will grow!  And grow!  And grow!  It has gooey feet.” “Oh no!” shouted Harvey “We will figure out a way to return him to normal”

“But you have to change him back before 12:00 or he will remain a monster forever.” said doctor Evil. His friends were shocked. What would they do and how could they do it?  All of the sudden they saw a sign that read:  Doctor Evil’s monsters can be stopped. Answer:  First you have to get a flaming red shell, put it in salt water. Then shackle and dump on the monster when ready. 

“How can we find a shell like that?” said Harvey “I always have one in my pocket," said one of Harvey’s friends.

“How can we get saltwater now?” said Harvey. 

“Let’s go to the beach and bring a cup for the saltwater.”  So they got some saltwater and added the shell.  Then later in the night, it was almost 12:00.  Then they heard something.  All of a sudden a creature was behind Harvey!  One of Harvey’s friends got the cup and almost missed, but hit the monster!  In a matter of seconds the friend was back to normal.

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