Sarah's Stars

Frieda Wishinsky. Pioneer Kids
Maple Tree Press  $6.95  ISBN 978-1-897349-05-2  83 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

“Come on, Matt!  Let’s fly high!’ shouted Emily, pumping hard on her swing.

Emily and Matt soared above the bushes in Emily’s yard. 

“I can see a bird building a nest in our maple tree!” she called. 

“I can see a cat with a dead mouse in its mouth in my yard,” said Matt. 

“That’s gross!”

“It’s not as gross as T-rex eating a dead Lambeosaurus in dinosaur times.  Remember?

Emily and Matt are in for another adventure when Matt picks up a fancy egg called pysanky out of the dresser in Emily's house. The Canadian Flyer then takes Emily and Matt back into the pioneer times, where they meet their teacher Miss Bridges, a boy who speaks Ukrainian, and a bully named Luke.

If you liked the exciting Beware, Pirates!, the loud Danger, Dinosaurs!, the golden Crazy for Gold, the explorin’ Yikes, Vikings!, or the soaring Flying High!, then you'll definitely love Pioneer Kids. It’s a good series for kids as old as twelve. They will love them like I did!  Pioneer Kids and the other books from the series each have a top ten facts section at the end of the book from both Emily and Matt about where they visited in the book.  

Pioneer Kids is a very adventurous short novel that visits the time of the pioneers. I liked how each book definitely had its own voice. The Canadian Flyer adventures, although too short, are more appealing because of the continuing series. You'll enjoy Emily and Matt and the adventures they embark upon. Even though there are 6 Canadian Flyer books at the moment, the seventh called Hurry, Freedom should be out soon.

I'll give Pioneer Kids and the entire Canadian Flyer series 3 and one half stars! It’s a good series for kids in elementary school, and perhaps middle school.


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