Different Planets
Azure, Age 6, Arizona, USA

Jupiter, Jupiter,
Why are you red?
Because I am hot!

Pluto, Pluto,
Why are you blue?
Because I am.

Saturn, Saturn,
Why are you grey with a circle around you?
Because thatís the way God made me.

Earth, Earth,
Why are you different colors?
Because I am the Earth.

Mars, Mars
Why are you red too?
Because I am.

Venus, Venus
Why are you blue-ish?
Because thatís the way I am.

Neptune, Neptune,
Why are you the lightest blue that Iíve ever seen?
Because I love the sky.

Mercury, Mercury,
Why are you grey?
Because I am the most beautiful planet ever.

Uranus, Uranus
Why are you the color of snowflakes?
Because I want people to think about Christmas.

All of the planets you see are different colors
and some are the same.
And thatís all of the planetís colors!

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