Sarah's Stars

Paul Dowswell. Prison Ship
Bloomsbury  $16.95  ISBN 978-0-7475-7722-5  314 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

It was a dim night, with a quarter moon that was rarely visible between the thick clouds. Still, I could hardly believe how close we were getting to the enemy. Then, as we rowed forward, my oar struck something solid in the water, making a sharp scraping sound. Middlewych immediately whispered for us to lie on our oars, and the boat carried on drifting forward. We all waited, ears straining into the silence, for any indication that the noise had aroused suspicion in the Danish line. Silence lay deep and impenetrable.

After escaping the shipwreck in Powder Monkey, Sam Witchall joins a warship that sets out to fight the Danish. But when heís framed for being a coward during a fight, along with his friend Richard, heís sent on a ship to Sydney, where all sorts of people who have broken the law, but arenít put to death, go. And when things start to get rough there, he and Richard escape into a wilderness filled with savages to try and find a way out of Sydney, and safe passage home.

Prison Ship is a great sequel to Powder Monkey. This book captured me completely and I couldnít put it down. Exciting and suspenseful, it keeps you in all the way. Thereís lots of action, a little violence and a whole lot of adventure. I think it would be a great book for people who like a thrill. The characters in the story are realistic and remind you of how cruel the world was in that time. The fight scenes are so full of detail that you could imagine them in your head. If thereís another book in the Adventures of Sam Witchall I canít wait to read it.

I give Prison Ship 5 stars and would recommend this series to anyone who liked The Pirates of the Caribbean or to kids 12 and up.


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