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Frank Beddor. Seeing Redd
Egmont  $15.95  ISBN 978-1-4052-0988-5  385 pg.   
Reviewed by Lindsey, Age 14

'Perhaps not,' Arch said. 'But I can think of at least one person whose knowledge you'll trust.' He got to his feet as a strange aroma wafted into the tent. 'Here she comes now with a plate of DoDo dumplings, one of my favourite Boarderland delicacies, to help you regain your strength.'

Ready to deny all, to denounce Boarderland as a nation of liars, Molly turned and saw the last person in the world she had ever expected to see alive.

Alyss of Wonderland’s rule has barely started when her evil Aunt Redd returns from her supposed death to wreak havoc on Wonderland again. Throw in a king from the neighbouring kingdom of Boarderland who wants to take over the world, a rebellious bodyguard desperate to prove herself, the return of the sinister Cat warrior and a blooming romance between Alyss and Dodge and you've got yourself a pretty fast-paced story. And on top of all this, Hatter Madigan wants a vacation?!

Non-stop action and thrills catapult you into this fast-paced adventure that twists and turns like a rollercoaster as you venture deeper and deeper into the epic tale of Queen Alyss's struggle to keep her kingdom safe. Descriptions of her surroundings are oftentimes replaced by quick dialogue and descriptions of weapons and battles. The gore is kept to a minimum but that doesn't mean the death count is. The author obviously has a strong distain for Lewis Carroll's original story and that shows through the writing. Sometimes the endless battles can get a little tedious but for the most part, Seeing Redd is a solid sequel in The Looking Glass Wars trilogy.

For an exciting adventure story make sure you pick up a copy of Frank Beddor's second book in the retelling of Alice in Wonderland!  Four stars for Seeing Redd.


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