Scotty and the Pigs
Max, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

One day there was a boy named Scotty. He was a good boy, but he never cleaned his room. All he did was stuff his toys in his closet and under his bed.

One day his room was REALLY messy, so his mom told Scotty to clean his room. Scotty didn’t mind. He went up to his room and saw a pig. Then the pig said “Want to play monopoly?” Scotty said “No, I have to clean my room out!” So the pig left and Scotty cleaned his room.

On Monday when Scotty got home from school he saw 2 pigs in his room. That night the pigs hogged the bed. When he got home from school the next day there were 4 pigs playing monopoly.

“Want to play monopoly?” asked the pigs. This time Scotty did play. His room was really messy. The next day when Scotty got home from school his remote controllers for video games were ruined. Then Scotty got mad and organized a cleaning crew and they cleaned his room. Then Scotty kicked the pigs out and always kept his room clean!

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