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Pseudonymous Bosch. The Name of this Book is Secret
Little, Brown $22.99  ISBN 978-0-316-11366-3  360 pg.
Reviewed by Victoria, Age 10

Cassandra and Max-Ernest are two kids who are complete opposites but team up as collaborators, to figure out what happened at the magicianís house, even though everything to do with magicians is mysterious. The Real Estate lady, Gloria, is selling the house because he disappeared, but under weird circumstances. The two kids get involved in the mystery at The Midnight Sun, a spa, where you get treatments that make you live very long, but the owners, Mr. L and Ms. Mauvais, are doing something inside the spa that is a mystery itself.

The Name of this Book is Secret was VERY confusing at first, and annoyed me a little until I got into the 3rd chapter. At which point it talked to me, it seemed like, and was easily enjoyable. When the author said a big or confusing word, there was always an  * after the sentence or word and at the bottom of the page he would explain it thoroughly. The cover got me interested right away with only The Name of this Book is Ö, thus making me turn the cover to find out the title of the book - when I did, though, it said SECRET, so of course I wanted to know what the title was so I started to read. I think someone from about age 10-16 would love this book. I looked up Pseudonymous Bosch but it seems like he's unknown. In the story the initials P.B come up A LOT. The book is secret, and even at the ending, he does not tell the secret. He doesnít even use the real characters. He doesnít even let you know whatís in the first chapter! Confusing?  It's now my faví book!  

I'll give The Name of this Book is Secret... 5 secret stars! 


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