Sarah's Stars

Ed Butts. SOS: Stories Of Survival
Tundra Books  $16.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-786-9  120 pg.
Reviewed by Ceilidh, Age 15

Waterfront stores with their valuable contents were snatched away as though by hands of marauders. Houses were lifted off their foundations. The tsunami deposited some wooden homes on new locations ashore. Others, it dragged out to the open sea.

In Lordís Cove, Sarah Rennie had taken little Margaret upstairs after supper to put her to bed. Then she resumed her sewing downstairs. Bernard was still in his high chair, and Rita and young Patrick were quite likely about to do their homework at the kitchen table. Suddenly a wall of water slammed into the house, instantly inundating the lower floor. The house was torn from its foundations and was being sucked out to sea.

In this informative series of biographies, you will read about all kinds of natural disasters and about their impacts on a community. It covers hurricanes to fires, tsunamis to floods. There are both recent and past stories, but every story involves one survivor. You can follow these survivors through a third personís account of what happened where they lived. You can actually relate to teenagers of the time because the book is directed towards teens, so they can feel what the teens of the natural disaster felt. Everyone must experience tragedy at some point in his or her lives, and this book provides somewhat of an easing into this fact.

When I was reading this book, my eyes were opened to all the things that had happened in the world before and during my time. I never really heard a first-hand story about the tsunami of 2004, or Hurricane Katrina, both events of which happened within a few simple years of each other. I was also amazed to even read about other disasters that had just as much impact. A particular story that impacted me was The Triangle Fire, because it was definitely something that could have easily been avoided, unlike other disasters mentioned in this book. Most disasters cannot be avoided, unless people are warned ahead of time, which in the case of the tsunami in 2004, no one knew.

I recommend this book for any age, although it may be a difficult read at times, it is a very educational book that could be used in a classroom or home setting.

I give SOS: Stories Of Survival four stars.


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