The Spirit
Ashkon, Age 13, Pearland, TX

As Jack approached the old house, he saw the old man hanging from the balcony of the stairs case swaying the wind.

Ring! Ring! Jack woke up to the piercing noise of his alarm clock. Quickly he shut it off and got ready for breakfast. When he arrived in the kitchen, he smelled the aroma of pancakes in the air. He approached the table and began to gobble down his pancakes. After finishing his pancakes and drinking his juice, he got ready for the big neighborhood baseball game and he couldn’t be late for it. He bolted out the door to the to the park were it was going to be held. When Jack arrived, he began to warm up his swing and then he glanced at the old Myers house. As he continued to stare at it, he shuddered, because it is said that the house is haunted by the original owners.

The Umpire shouted out “Play Ball”. Jack hurried back to the bench because he was next at bat. As the game progressed Jack’s team was losing by one point and it was getting late in the game. As Jack approached the plate, he got ready for the pitch and Wham! He saw the ball fly through the sky and then Crash! He saw it go through the window of the old Myer’s house. Jack was ecstatic that he got a home run, but that was their last baseball so he had to go get it from Myers house.

Finally when Jack got the courage to go he sprinted to the house and opened the rusting moldy door. As he went inside he saw the old man who had bought the house one year ago, hanging from the balcony upstairs swaying from the draft outside. Jack stared in awe at it and started to feel scared, but also like someone was watching him. Creak! The door shut behind him. Jack quickly turned around and decided to go upstairs to get what he came for: the baseball. As he approached the room he started to hear noises coming from the room where the ball was. When he opened the door he saw the baseball floating in air. Jack shivered in fear. He looked up and saw a spirit that was so white it shined. The spirit called out to him “Come to me Jack”. Jack looked puzzled, because how could the spirit know his name. Cautiously he approached him and the spirit pushed his ball into his hands and told him to find the ring that was given to him by his wife. The spirit continued to say that the man who bought the house a year ago stole it so that is why he killed him. Jack agreed and began his search.

Creak! As Jack opened the first door he saw that the room was in shambles, it was torn up and the dark grayish wood was rotting away. As Jack searched on he found nothing, but accidentally stepped on a loose floor board. He searched inside the hole and found a box with a shinny gold ring in it. Jack rushed back to the spirit and it exclaimed with joy. The spirit said to Jack ”Thank you. Because of what you did I can rest in peace”. The bright white spirit vanished before his eyes and Jack rushed out of the house to go back to the game.

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