Cynthia, Age 8, Toronto, ON

A soft Chinook starts,
A very wooshy wind,
Warm and comfortable.

Water is flowing,
Plants are flooded everywhere,
Splashy waves tonight!

Now, it is sparkling,
The ground is covered in green,
A soft, green carpet.

A little, small seed,
In a cozy, tiny bed,
Asleep, dreaming seed.

A wiggly, small seed,
Now, jerking itself awake,
Ever excited.

Making a burrow,
Digging itself out the way,
Then, suddenly, shoot!

A sweet animal,
It yawns and quickly stretches,
And then it snuggles.

It again stretches,
The animal stands,
Rubs its eyes and drools.

The animal walks,
Outside of its den in green,
It rolls on the grass.

A teensy insect,
Quickly moves its tiny legs,
So swirly-around!

That squishy insect,
walking straight around,
Bounced right ahead.

The bug dived,
Shot its delicate wings,
And suddenly flew.

Humans open door,
Sweet, music fills the air,
Soft baby voices.

Humans peek slowly,
But gather their thoughts quickly,
And wander away.

Humans step outside,
A lush green environment,
They admire nature.

Blossom in a bud,
Gets all jiggly so quickly,
Itís really spinney!

It, in a bud,
Opens up a little bit,
And lets in some wind.

A blossom to bloom,
Opens up to a flower,
It brings a crisp smell.

A rainbow of colors,
Remember my complete hue,
Spring is colorful.

Sweet roses twirl and fly,
With deep, rich scent aboard,
A great smell of grass.

Sharp taste of bluegrass,
Fine greenness wearing sweetness,
Munchy, crunchy taste.

Spring is an open door for adventure,
Whether you are wearing cloth, coat or fur.

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