Lord of Thieves
Ria, Age 11, Kimbe, Papua New Guinea

Beware : this is not a real story but you may still be scared!

Alas! The endless days of patience and compressed feelings to law had finally given off. Days of chanting spells, brewing endless potions and controlling the ever-mounting boiling feeling of hatred which had demanded to be let out at any cost was finally going to get its way. These endless nights had not been wasted. It had been days and days of hard labor and sacrifices for the only thing that mattered in his life had finally come and to see that happen  made Zarcluess feel as if his hatred and evil would mix together in one perfectly, death beckoning,  powerful  harmony. Zarcluess was by far the closest follower of the dark lord. Zarcluess had been a wild man in his young days, stealing was his passion and killing even more so. He was said to be the equal of the dark lord himself and none dared to call his name fearing of several killings in their homes if they spoke out. While being the lord of thieves it was said that by calling the dark lord's name in the open streets he had brought destruction upon himself. Precisely at that moment, wild winds had swooped down from the heavens (as told by the people who had witnessed this powerful act and had been lost in some hallucination after another if any ever dared remember that unusual day), darkness took its reign upon light, as if truth itself had fled away by the terrible nameless evil power vibrating in the winds. A voice had boomed out from the now growing pit of darkness.

You do not fear me, I see, called out a mocking tantalizing voice, to call the name none takes, and to fear none as you say it. A lot of courage in you I see. Daring soldier, the voice said in an almost horrible grinning sort of way which seemed highly unusual for the dark lord to speak in. However, the voice continued, I am pleased by your close- to –finish- bravery, which was followed by a chorus of mocking laughter that surely meant more than one was listening intently for the reply of Zarcluess.

Silence, the voice commanded. All the laughter heard previously stopped as if someone had a heavy blanket over some treasure that had been thought valueless years ago and had no hope whatsoever of being priceless again. In the background were some stifled laughters.

Silence, the voice repeated, now having a sharp edge to it. He had reached the end of his line and everyone knew. There was absolute silence this time.

As I was saying, it continued, I am much impressed by your courage and I hate to say that it would be wasted by a single mistake on your part so I am offering you an option other than dying. Join my group and together you shall be my equal.

I do not follow others' orders. I refuse to join you now spoke up Zarcluess with a face full of amusement to be talking the feared one. His voice neither shook nor showed any hints of fear.

Clearly no one had spoken to the dark lord himself like this. His next words trembled with fury and vibrated the atmosphere, I will have no nonsense. Now you are in my power. The second he had finished, lightning struck the air and raised itself as a sweeping torrent. It was aiming for Zarcluess.

Zarcluess seemed hardly aware that he was about to be possessed. Unlike others who would have run away, Zarcluess did nothing of the sort. I am no coward, he said while walking towards the lightning torrent. Unlike you I happen to be the sort who fights face to face instead of cowering behind shadows and being scared of coming face to face to the dark lord himself. I therefore accept the challenge and I vow on my honor that I will return in glory while bringing your destruction as evidence. All the while the torrent came sweeping in and out of sight and finally uncurled itself around Zarcluess. With a determined look he vanished forever as was to be told.

The onlookers in the street were perfectly dumbfounded and were standing very still in their spot. The event which had just occurred had left everyone scared, and more or less confused. The power of the dark lord was still vibrating, then slowly the light came back and a feeling of warm welcome surrounded the area. The wild wind had already died down to only a gentle breeze. The people who had seen everything  doubted whether Zarcluess would keep his promise whereas others were sure that as the destruction of the dark lord everyone could be given a chance to get rid of the never ending evil lurking around.

Zarcluess was indeed possessed. His cool confident ways were suddenly reduced to whimpering and taking behind the dark lord. The dark lord was greatly pleased since he now had his equal. But who was he to know, Zarcluess had indeed broken the spell and was practicing all sorts of things to destruct the evil one. Together they terrorized homes, did murder after murder, and enjoyed the passion of evil. What the dark lord didn’t know was that all the time Zarcluess was taking notes of his strengths and weaknesses. To Zarcluess the dark lord was no more than an ordinary man who had gotten his powers out of control. As though the dark lord had a hint he was repossessed even stronger. He then became what he was today a mad, death defying, nameless terrorizer. His bond with his master grew to an ever mounting rise. They were one soul, one spirit.

He was determined to bring even greater power to his master and himself so he set about making the strongest tonic which would make them immortal. And at last the potion was finished now they were immortal. They were the most indestructible pair to be ever known. He was awaiting his master he was going to come soon. As though his thoughts floated out his master arrived with a pleased smile upon his lips.

You have done well Zarcluess, started the master. Now we shall be immortal. Bring out the potion and let us do it.

As you wish my lord, answered Zarcluess.

The potion was a steaming green with several blue stripes with them. It was also coated with blood from the preys that they had killed. You first my lord, said Zarcluess while carefully pouring it into a beaker sized glass. With a hungry look on his face the dark lord drank, occasionally stopping.

When he had finished the beaker he handed it back while saying You too, friend. Zarcluess drank some from the pot. A feeling of evil swept through him. A horrible laughter came out of his mouth followed by the lord himself. They were at last immortal. The days had been spent wisely. Now it was done.

Alana woke up screaming. The dream had thoroughly disturbed her. Though it was still bright enough looking at the shadows only made her remember her dream more. Forcing herself to forget and sleep she shut her eyes and tried not to think about the vivid dream anymore. But convincing herself was hard when all that she saw were true.

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