If You Don't Take Out the Trash
Mark, Age 8, Schoolcraft, MI

When Jackson got home from school, he was met by his mom. She didn’t look happy. "Jackson," said his mom in a stern voice, "Go take out the trash in your room."

"Why?" he asked. He ran up stairs and threw his bag on the floor, and ripped out all the trash he could find, and left it on his floor.  Then on Friday when he came up to his room he found two rats.  He didn’t care.  “Hey, you two, do you want to help me trash my room?”  “Yeah, sure!” they said. 

The next day the two rats brought in 12 eggs.  Six of them were rotten, the other six were duds.  The two rats cracked them open, and yellow and white, gooey stuff spread all over the floor. 

The next day the two rats brought left over meat, which was covered in a sticky, stinky kind of thing.  The smell was so, so so, so strong that his parents could smell it.  “What’s that smell?” said his dad in a disgusted voice.  Jackson’s mom answered, “Jackson’s room.  He’s going to trash it.” She moaned.

The next day Jackson found half of his room covered in trash.  He couldn’t even see the floor!!!  “My room is 12 feet high, and 6 feet are covered in trash.  He went downstairs.  His mom and dad had nose plugs in their noses.  “Why do you have nose plugs in your noses?” he asked.  “We ah.. didn’t want to smell you and your trashy smell”, they said. 

After breakfast Jackson went upstairs and found the two rats sitting on his bed spitting on his new shirt and pants.  But then he saw that his football and baseball had been chewed and covered in goo.  “I’'ve had too much! Stop!”  He came charging down the stairs. “I need a broom.  Mom, Mom I need a broom!”  “What for?” she asked. “To clean my room."

"You are going to use the vacuum.’’  “Ok” he said.  Jackson ran up to his room and organized a cleaning crew.  15 minutes later his room was squeaky clean, plus it smelled great, like flowers.  Jackson came down stairs and his parents had nose plugs in their noses.

He came over and took them out. ’’Ahhhhhhh, what’s that smell?" they asked me.  He said, “What? That’s you?”  “Yep.”  “Whoah!  Now let’s go see your room.”  “OK” Jackson said.  They got upstairs and his dad was amazed.  “Whoa!  Nice job, Jackson,” his father said happily.  Now let’s go get breakfast.  “Dad?”  “What is it son?”  “Now I know to keep my room clean all the time”, said Jackson.  “Good”, said his dad.

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