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Kai Meyer. The Wave Runners
Egmont  $12.95  ISBN 978-1-4052-1635-7  374 pg.
Reviewed by Keegan, Age 14

What do you see?’
‘Shells. Shells in a circle.’
‘What else?’
‘A silly idiot all puffed up with self-importance.’
He grinned again. ‘Wait and see. Now - look!’

Jolly, a young polliwiggle, thought to be the last one on the planet, is a pirate. When Jolly and her crew board a vessel, only to be poisoned by giant spiders, she escapes in a secret compartment on her ship and floats away, landing on a small, uncharted island. There she finds a boy named Munk, and his parents. When a vicious beast kills Munk’s parents, the two young kids set out to get revenge, plunging them into things deeper than they could imagine.

With fast-paced action and myths of the sea, The Wave Runners completely reminded me of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Even though the book is similar, it doesn’t copy it in any way. The book is exciting and fun to read, and I enjoyed it all the way until the end. The Wave Runners is an awesome book filled with strange things new to the world of fantasy novels: with people who can walk on water, ancient creatures that can make dead fish fall from the sky, and other bizarre but fascinating things.

I would recommend this book to those who loved the Pirates of the Caribbean because, like I said, the book reminds me of the movies completely. This book would be great for kids about 10 and up because it’s an easy book to read.

I give The Wave Runners 5 stars.


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