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Dave Bidini. For Those About To Write
Tundra Books  $12.99  ISBN 978-0-88776-769-2  126 pg.
Reviewed by Melissa, Age 15

I love writers and writing because appearance has nothing to do with anything. (Though, alarmingly, personal image in publishing is gaining increasing importance.) For instance, as I carve out this very sentence, I look pale and bloated. Thereís food on my chin and I havenít bathed in ten days. But really, that Iím dressed in a torn-collared T-shirt and mustard-stained jeans has very little to do with what Iím typing on my keyboard. Until just now, you probably had no idea what the guy who wrote these sentences looked like, nor did you care.

Dave Bidini takes you through his life of writing and editing hand in hand with his ideas and helpful hints from first to last in a novel that any writer will not soon forget. He is reaching out to all the lost poets and storytellers, letting them know that they can do it if they persist. He has high hopes for helping someone, anyone, even if it is in a very small way; even if it is just getting them started on the beginning of a story of their own. This inspiring novel can encourage any author-to-be that dreams do come true.

I, myself, am aspiring to be a novelist and this book did wonders for me. The way that Bidini speaks to the reader bridges a huge gap of communication that some authors seem to have issues building up. I am almost positive that his voice will get through to many more readers to come. The method he uses to shape his words, so that they are interesting, funny and useful all at the same time, astounded me. I was drawn into the novel from the very beginning; he pulls the reader into the book by stating the obvious things that nobody really seems to think about when they are reading a novel.

By talking directly to whoever is reading the book, he makes a strong connection straight away. It helps that he is so sincere in helping whichever writer chooses to pick up his book. I, for one, was finding that everything he said was true. Every word that is written in this book, which was related to a writerís life and point of view, was one hundred percent accurate. I was mesmerized by how well he seemed to know what I was going through as a young writer. With every page I read I wanted to put the book down and run off to write my own story. It was that inspiring. I actually felt myself starting to shake with the need to start my own writing legacy.

I recommend this book for absolutely all ages (if it appeals to you to read about helpful insights on the writing world). This book is crammed full of encouragement, helpful hints and interesting historical facts. A good read through and through. 

I give For Those About To Write five encouraging stars.


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