Accomplishing the Goal
Stephanie, Age 11, Wanganui, NZ

"So, what do you think of this dress, Mel ?" I asked my best friend Melissa Hanson, showing off my new mauve two-piece top and skirt set. Melissa looked at it and made me turn this way and that. Finally she said, "Yep. Perfect. Now let's get moving. Mr. Whitfield will blow a gasket if we're late," She hurried off to my bathroom.

I looked at myself a few more times, until Melissa poked her head out of the bathroom doorway. "Callie, hurry up!"

I snapped out of it and hurried off to the bathroom sink, picking up my brush and brushing my hair until it shone, deciding to leave it down for today. I applied some lip gloss, grabbed my shoes from the end of the bed and we squeezed out my door and scurried down the stairs.

"Bye, Daddy!" I called to my father, yanking on my shoes on my feet. When I heard him reply, we hurried out the door and down the drive, where my blue Chevrolet convertible was parked at the curb. My mother, who was already at work, took our other car.

We hopped in, pulled away from the curb and headed off in the direction of Los Angeles Senior Secondary School. It was our last two months in high school, and then Melissa and I were planning to go to Canada to go to the University of British Columbia. We were also planning to study to be Veterinarians, and share a dorm room until we left. Well, that was the plan at least. As we parked, a couple of our friends, Rachael Jackson and Carole Richardson up to us.

"Hey Cal, hi Mel! How's it going?" Carole asked as I turned off the ignition.

"Same as usual, I guess. Why so cheerful?" I asked, slamming the car door behind me and dropping the keys into my purse. Melissa l hurried to my side, where Rachael and Carole were already chatting to me about how my weekend was.

"Well, you know me, I just love being cheerful," Carole said, smiling and tugging on her skirt.

I laughed. "Whatever," I said, as we walked toward our Biology classroom.

"So, Cal, do you like Britney Spears?" Rachael asked me.

"Get real. Three Doors Down, Wheatus and Smashmouth are my style," I said critically. "Why, do you?

She snorted. "Yeah, right. Do you really think I do?"

We all shook our heads. "Okay, then. So what did you guys do on the weekend?" I asked Rachael and Carole.


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