Candace, Age 11, Thornlea, NF

When I sit alone in my room
with no tv, with nothing at all
I like to use my imagination
And soon I'm climbing the wall!!
Next I am flying
Across the night time sky,
I see a little bear beginning to cry,
So I drop down just to take a look
maybe I'll read him a book!
But up and away I go as fast as I can
Now I'm lost I.. I.. don't know where to go
Where's my mom when I need her?
Where's my dad when I need help?
I hear mom calling me
I drift away from the voice into the dark deep sea!
Oh no I stopped flying, I'm going to drown!
And there are sharks swimming around.
"Candace, come get supper!" I hear.
So now my trip's over, I'm done, that's all
But after supper I'm gonna daydream again
and this time I won't fall!

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