Christopher, Age 11, Kitamaat Village, BC

Tikaliktak thought he was safe, but he was far from it. While he was walking he found a pack of wolves. When he saw the wolves he got pretty freaked out he started running. Luckily he found an igloo. First of all he made sure that no one was staying inside it. The people who had stayed in it, had forgotten their knife. Tikaliktak kept the knife. Each time he got food such as seals, birds, and other sea animals, he would use the knife to cut the meat. Every day he ate seals and birds. When he could not get any more food, he met up with the pack wolves. He was nice to the wolves so they decided to let him in the wolf pack. The wolves got him more shelter and food. Well, there was only eight wolves, but now there was eight wolves and one human.

One day Tikaliktak and the wolves were having fun. They were play fighting but of coarse the wolf won the play fight. The next day the wolves went hunting for Tikaliktak and brought back food. Tikaliktak lived with the wolves for the rest of his life.

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