Aliens in the Basement
Chelsea, Age 13, Pearland, TX

Going down to the basement, I'm filled with fear, I can’t stop shaking. As I slowly take a step I hear little clattery footsteps running to the door. All of the sudden I wake up thinking, what’s down there? Is this our basement?

I quickly jumped out of bed and went to my mom’s room.

“Mom, wake up I had a nightmare”.

“What is it sweetie”?

“Mom I had a really scary dream. There were little clattery footsteps running to the basement door! What if it’s a sign? It could be our basement. We have to get out of here!”.

My mom didn't believe me and left for work. As she headed out the door my stomach was getting tighter and tighter. I didn’t know what I would do with my mom leaving me here by myself.

Out of nowhere my dog Bella came charging through the door and BOOM she knocked me down through a little tiny door. I couldn’t see a thing. When I opened my eyes I looked around the room. I haven’t seen this before. After a while I realize I was in THE BASEMENT. There were tools, chainsaws, wood carvings, and an ax. I can’t be in here. I have to get out of here I thought.  So I sprinted towards the door, shaking the handle as hard as I could. Then I realized the door was LOCKED. As I looked around the basement all I could hear were little clattery footsteps. I didn’t make a move until I realized something was making a move in the corner.

I can’t go over there, I can’t do it, I'm too scared!

I can’t take the risk. Crouched in the corner of the basement wondering what’s on the other side. I was too scared to go over to the other corner but also I had an ounce of bravery left in me so I decided to go over to the other corner of the basement. As I was walking toward the corner my heart was pounding through my ears. There was a little box in the corner of the basement, as I looked in the box I saw little tiny heads moving. Aliens I thought. As I looked closer I realized there were little baby puppies moving their paws to make he clattery noise. I was jumping with joy as I realized my basement wasn’t a scary basement. As I was sitting in the basement waiting for my mom to arrive I was thinking, are these Bella’s puppies?!

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